01 December 2011

Saya okay.


New post!
New month!
New story!
w ....

Err hello December!
Well, sebulan je lagi kita nak bermesra? K, I'm PMR candidates next year :/ So, December please be nice with me. You know what? I got third place for idk what the name of that contest. Hahaha Alhamdullilah, thank you for those who like my pictures. This is my first time join contest and I won! Hewhew *gimme five :P

Ini gambar yg dipertandingkan :)

By the way, congrates to Min Elmo and Sofia Said :D Nak add diorang click kat nama tu kay.

You know? I miss him so badly :'( Ugh I hate this feelling so much. Please go away, don't disturb me ;P mwehehe. Okay, next time I'll update. Kbye.

Thanks reading . Drop comment here (:

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