03 December 2011

Semakin hari, semakin rajin. Ewah~

*Hahaha lol, tittle gua tak nak gampang lagi*

Peace upon to you all :)

Ok, let's story. Hari ni pergi ambil hadiah menang contest tu, ingat tak? ingat tak? kihkih. Pergi ambil dekat tanjung je, ingat nak ambil ring yg beli dekat situ then akak tu cakap free. Weeehee I'm sho happy. Please jelly with me :P hahaha

Hadiah diaaa! Tadaaa! Red necklace and owl ring. Takyah kuar duit nak beli lagi, haha. Daaahh, tu jela. Malas ni. Kboiii
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01 December 2011

Saya okay.


New post!
New month!
New story!
w ....

Err hello December!
Well, sebulan je lagi kita nak bermesra? K, I'm PMR candidates next year :/ So, December please be nice with me. You know what? I got third place for idk what the name of that contest. Hahaha Alhamdullilah, thank you for those who like my pictures. This is my first time join contest and I won! Hewhew *gimme five :P

Ini gambar yg dipertandingkan :)

By the way, congrates to Min Elmo and Sofia Said :D Nak add diorang click kat nama tu kay.

You know? I miss him so badly :'( Ugh I hate this feelling so much. Please go away, don't disturb me ;P mwehehe. Okay, next time I'll update. Kbye.

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